“Vance Renfroe is for real. We worked together for several years. He is unmatched in enthusiasm, judgement and integrity”
– Major General Donald W. Shepperd, USAF (Ret.)

“Vance Renfroe applies the integrity and intellectual skills that have proven successful in his distinguished military career to every aspect of Renfroe Associates International business.”
– Herbert R. Temple, Jr., Lieutenant General, USA (Ret)

“I have known Colonel Renfroe for over 20 years. He possesses the unique ability of exercising leadership, vision, and creativity while simultaneously demonstrating a tremendous capability for analysis and project management skills.”
– William A. Navas, Jr., P.E., Major General, USA (Ret)
Vice Chief, National Guard Bureau (1990-1992)
Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense, Reserve Affairs (1994-1995)
Director, Army National Guard (1995-1998)
Asst. Secretary of the Navy, Reserve Affairs (2001-2008)

“Colonel Vance Renfroe was the brightest, most capable, innovative officer I had on my Staff as Director, Air National Guard and as Chief, National Guard Bureau. He was most energetic and always creating new ways to get the job done better. He started for me the International State Partnership program with US States and Emerging Democracies. It became a total hit in the US Department of Defense and is still in business today, nearly 25 years later. In fact, it has now expanded to almost 74 countries and is one of the best programs in our Government to help these new Democracies emerge on their own as new Partners. Vance is such a tremendous Officer, I would never hesitate to give him the toughest assignment and he always did it with amazing skill and competence, and it usually became one of our “standard bearers” for the National Guard.”
– Lieutenant General John B. Conaway, USAF (Ret.)
Director, Air National Guard  (1981-1988)
Chief, National Guard Bureau (1990-1993)

“The pioneering spirit, the American quality that gave our country the best of what it is, finds no purer expression than in the life and work of Vance Renfroe. What ever he undertakes endures, and flourishes beyond all expectations. His gentle and courtly leadership style shapes all tasks that come into his hands toward one end: to assure that America’s high standing in the world is merited and never tarnished. Vance Renfroe always sets the standard for tomorrow.”
– Dr. Walter L. Christman
Chairman and Founding Director, Global Challenges Forum Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland